Welcome to my greatest passion in life, BOOKS! Come on in kick off your shoes, grab a cup of tea [Java] and join me while I discuss my life and books that I read, authors I love or dislike, post reviews, ask for your opinions, just chat about stuff, and maybe swap a book or two.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome to my Reading Blog

Hello and welcome to DaBookLady's Reading Life blog. I have a passion for reading and can never get enough books to read! I have books everywhere in my house complete with 3 ceiling to floor bookcases. I usually read about 5 of books at a time. That way I can change my thoughts from Mystery to Romance to Sci-Fi to Thriller when my mood suits me. My most favorite type of books are Thrillers. They make me sit at the edge of my seat; gritting my teeth antisipating the terror to come. I love it! Does that make me a little strange??? My hubby thinks so, but then again isn't it a matter of opinion? I like the challenge of trying to figure out "Who done it?" and "Why?" I mean the trickier the maze of characters and slueths entangled in a web of deceit and murder the more enticing it is to my mind! One of my favorite TV shows is Murder She Wrote. not that it is so mind boggling, but it is light and all about mystery in a non-sexual violent way. I also love Stephen King for his fantasy into the unknown weird and macabe. Well.... that is another posting. Now I have gotten into swapping books and bookmarks and so I started my own DaBookLady Book and Bookmarker Swap [BABEs] to learn about more authors from other book lovers, like myself, and to have fun swapping books. I still have tons to post here so I better read on and complete my posting swept up in a knotted path of books, authors, and recipes!

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