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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do You Write Stories?

I am an amateur story writer.  I love mysteries and that is usually where I find my thoughts wandering off to when I write.  I just completed a Murder Mystery for a Halloween party I am hosting. 

I have several suspects and clues and then the solution to the story. 

I keep it short which is unusual for me since I am a real gabber... lol...

Do you wrote at all?   What themes catch your eye...  I don't are for the bizarre and gory
but more on the line of Murder She Wrote, which is one of my favorites...  Light and 
no sex or colored language....just good watching and reading.  

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Let me know what you think???

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Books Versus Tablets??? What will Happen Next?

With technology changing reader's lives daily.. 
what is the life expectancy of an actual
 physical book these days?
I mean will a book soon be absolute? 
Will everything be on some sort of tablet or 
computerized communication device? 

Are you a Book reader or a Device reader? 
Do you share the love o holding an actual colored
covered book with hundreds or thousands of pages?

Did you know that....
In January 2011, Amazon.com reported that it sold three times as many Kindle books as hardcover books. In the same month, the company also began selling more Kindle books than paperbacks [source: BBC News].

Or do you prefer... 
Taking a 1000 books with you on 
your next vacation all wrapped up in 1 device? 
Easy to store, easy to carry, lots of choices, easy to buy
and no more large clumsy bookcases taking up space in 
our homes and offices.  
But I love looking at books and book cases.

On a bright sunny day e readers have trouble in the sunny daytime 
a regular book has no problems. Costs are also a problem for e readers.  A tablet or Kindle or Nook can cost $199 upwards to $800. Books average range is around $9.99.  Sharing books with friends can also cause problems with e readers.  The e readers like Nook have the abilities to share, but still have some glitches and limitations. 

With the instant access online to anything you may ever want to read, 
more space, but what happens to library's?  
Will the librarian's job go away? 
 Will those treasured quite moments spent in the back of a library with heads buried in books be a thing of the past?  
And what about the lessons in school?  
Learning how to locate books and sitting in a circle on the floor in front of your teacher listening and looking at those pretty photos inside 
the books during our reading lesson.   

Here's what I have done in my home.... 

I have condensed my books to 3 book cases and 
store them in my home office.  
I read on a tablet for the most part, but sometimes 
I just grab a book off one of my shelves. 
I cannot part with my books I own!
And I do own more than I can possibly read in my 
lifetime, however, I still love to look at them.

So it boils down to this...
Each reader has his/her own preference which may be enough 
to keep books around for awhile, at least temporarily.  I fear though, that our children's children will no longer have a need or appreciation where
physical books are concerned and by then will become a thing of the 
past. The same way that the 8-track, cassette, 
and the transistor radio has, too. [hmmm dating myself now]

Sometimes we just can't seem to part with our hard 
copies of our favorite novels.  I sure do love those dust jackets
and think of all the artists that design those covers. 

Will they all be out of work? 

Will books head straight into the past like the cassettes and CDs have?  Books may not be everyone's favorite today, but many readers will still hold onto those hard covered wonders for their own collections. 
This author feels books will be collected like art and kept to 
show off to other book lover friends. 

According to the Daily Riff
They listed 21 things that will become obsolete in 2020 and number 8 is paperbacks!

8. Paperbacks: 
Books were nice. In ten years' time, all reading will be via digital means. And yes, I know, you like the 'feel' of paper. Well, in ten years' time you'll hardly tell the difference as 'paper' itself becomes digitized.

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