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Friday, February 22, 2008

Reading on a Rainey Day

I love to read on a rainy day, actually any day, but especially on a cold wintery rainy day, when the wind is blowing and it is best to stay indoors wrapped in your favorite afghan, with the fireplace blazing and the kitty and doggy sleeping next to you...

Problem is the dang phone keeps ringing..so mute it I say...and waht about the TV...don't want to miss the old soap opera or Lifetime??? Well put it on and mute it...you'd be surprised how much you can get out of a TV without the nosie...

And then there is the guilt that you are just sitting there and reading and not doing any housework??? Nope not me....I say "So what" it can wait!!

Now back to reading...Opps there goes the door bell...should I answer it?? nooooo I say...

Back to my book, "Christmas Jars" I am so close to being done...I just love it...ahhh.. I have to run to the little girls room.. stopped by the door...hmmmm my friend next door left me a book....nope haven't read that one...looks interesting... "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd....a mythivcal adventure concerning a chair and the wonders it has to bring....about family ties and the true meaning of being in a family....
Well back to read my book,,,come on over and join me...oh can you bring some tea... too???

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines New Books

Always can count on the Dh getting me some new books to read. For Valentine's day he got me these two wonders. I didn't have either so it was a thrill, no pun intended there...hee hee as I love thrillers like Dean Koontz and the "Twilight Eyes" and Danielle Steeles newer one .. these little kissing guys I always put for th eholiday..they make kissing sounds..so cute..
Then he got me the most beautiful vase and flowers ...ooohhh I am spolied...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friendship Meme

I wasn't tagged for this, but found it over at Any Apples and she found it on Jenn's, enjoying the ride, and I too wanted to post it!

"Anger is only one letter short of danger
If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.
Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.
Learn from the mistakes of others
You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself."

Friends, you and me…
You brought another friend…
And then there were 3…
We started our group…
Our circle of friends…
And like that circle…
There is no beginning or end…
Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
So now, let’s see how many circle’s of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

Anyone And Everyone is welcome to take this and post it to their own blog!!

Heads and Tails Theme is "Love"

Love is the theme this week for the Heads orTails I can only think of my DH and the love we have for each other. Do I believe in love at first sight? Yes I guess I do, but I also believe it is the time put into a relationship the years of enduring the trials and tribulations of life that make love grow and become stronger. We have that and much more. Her we are going to our annual Awards Dinner with our car club!!
My photo for this weeks"love" theme!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A very Funny and Inspirational Read; At Knit's End

I got a new book in a recent swap about another hobby of mine, knitting/crocheting. the book is called, "At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

What a wonderful inspirational little jouranal of meditations for women who knit and want to add some laughter and joy to their experience. I find that she has a way of capturing some thoughts and "You Know Your a Knitter if..." quotes that make you stop and think, "OMG is that me?" Here is an example, "You know you knit too much when....you think a stitch or row counter with your feet is a really brillant idea.."

A real joy to read and laugh and sit back and ponder....whether your a knitter or a crocheter it will capture your attention and send you off with a smile and lets face it smiles give us not only joy in our life but they also give us "longer" lives!!! Enjoy....

Monday, February 4, 2008

February "The BookMarks" Contest

Ok everyone February's Contest is here, its called "The Bookmarks"I usually post the contests on the Book swap site, but I decided to place it here instead. This will be a much easier contest than the last one, since not many of you wanted to take a guess and read the mystery, so this month we will make it one of romance.

The prize will be a romantic novel called "Where or When" by Anita Shreve. It is about a young woman who out of no where receives a letter from her first love. Should she write back? Win the book and find out!

Now I love bookmarks and I have several cups filled with them. In the photo just guess how many bookmarks there are? Now I will give you a hint, there are under 100.

The one who comes closest to the actual number of bookmarks wins the book! That's it! Easy....Fun.....

If there is more than 1 person who guesses it right then we will draw names out of a hat.

You could win...so take a guess and post your guesses here!!! The contest ends February 29th 2008 at 12 midnight Pacfic time. The winner will be announced the 1st week of March!

So go ahead and post your comments here!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's Narrow? The Photo Saturday Post

Photo Hunt!!! "narrow"
Over at the Chick's blog she runs a photo contest where every Sat. she has a different theme. The theme this Sat is "Narrow" Here is my photo for the contest! The definition of "narrow" is as follows:

"Of small or limited width, especially in comparison with length.
Limited in area or scope; cramped.
Lacking flexibility; rigid: narrow opinions."

I decided to enter my crochet space where I sit and crochet, it is a cramped area with limited space and the tower of drawers where I store some of yarn is really a narrow tower... not very flexible . Below is a closer look at the drawers. My other Miz Allie Cat has one too!! for my Cat lover firends.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun

I decided to post one of my favorite photos for the Hootin Anni's

"Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun!"

My entry is one that just makes me laugh everytime I see it. We were vacationing at our favorite annual family spot, Bass Lake, and we were getting ready to walk down to the beach and my daughter loaded up my grandaughter who wanted to help carry the stuff down to our spot on the sand. As you can see we put it all on her for a joke until she said, "but mom I can't see?" we all laughed our heads off and took the tube off her head of course, but the moment was precious. :)

Some of my Household Books

While visiting a new online friends blog, Sweet Nothings, I loved her post on her bookends, so I decided that I will post some pics of mine, since I like her, collected many over the past years. Now her bookcase is much more pretty to look at, but I'm a "book-o-holic" and so I have way too many bunched on my shelves, I also got into snapping some of bookmark collection....IT was fun...then I went around the house and snapped other interesting spots, but you'll have to visit my Recipe blog, and my main PBDesigns blog to see them, so after browsing around here hop over there.. :)

Ok this bookend comes in a pair, but I use mine individually since I own so many books, it is my old world bookends I purchased at a garage sale while visiting my nephew in Seattle. I loved the old world detail and the look.

My old horse head was given to me as a gift by a friend when I lived in an equestrian town in the 90s. It has delicate detail and is really very heavy.

My glass cowboy I got at a shabby chic store and I couldn't resist him. He just reminds be of an old rodeo cowboy with a 10-gallon hat. As you can tell I tend to lean towards a Western theme, I owned horses for many years. this set is actually ceramic and it is a brown horse that reminded me of my horse "Mr. Ricky Keen" as he had the star on his brow too. :) I purchased on Ebay.

More glass ends, a large headed horse and I just love this one you can actually see through them and as they are hallow not like my solid cowboy guy...I got these from a store in Norco, the equestrian town I lived in that sold tack and odds and ends..

The Indian Head is very old, it was my dads and he used to have it sitting on his bar in his bar room. It says Iroquois on it standing for the old Iroquois beer that was made back east many years ago. I remember because I used to think it was scary when I was a child. When my dad passed I inheited it and use it as a bookend. I only have one of this one but he is a conversation piece. He is made of rubber and at least 50 years old.

A ceramic bookend of a horse's head. Done in a variety of colors. Another garage sale find. Lastly my black horses, in gold and black in ceramic and have a built in pencil holder on each one. A word of caution the bookends are dusty! My short comings on the cleaning end... :(

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