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Monday, February 11, 2008

A very Funny and Inspirational Read; At Knit's End

I got a new book in a recent swap about another hobby of mine, knitting/crocheting. the book is called, "At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

What a wonderful inspirational little jouranal of meditations for women who knit and want to add some laughter and joy to their experience. I find that she has a way of capturing some thoughts and "You Know Your a Knitter if..." quotes that make you stop and think, "OMG is that me?" Here is an example, "You know you knit too much when....you think a stitch or row counter with your feet is a really brillant idea.."

A real joy to read and laugh and sit back and ponder....whether your a knitter or a crocheter it will capture your attention and send you off with a smile and lets face it smiles give us not only joy in our life but they also give us "longer" lives!!! Enjoy....

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