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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Books

Ok I took a picture of all the books and movies I got and watched over Christmas. WOW.....now to read them that will be a chore. UnderDog was a disappointment as the movie was bad and when we went back to Hollywood Video he said they were all bad. :( So we got The Heartbreak Kid. That was hilarious!!! A must see, even though there were some really graphic sex scenes and language it was still great!!!!

Now Chuck and Larry was another funny one.

Even my sister sent me a Christmas novel!But then I love Kevin James!

And here is a Santa Dollar my sis sent me. You can actually use it, but I keep it for a decoration.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Movies

I love the holiday season when all the great classic movies come out, don't you. I have to watch The Wizard of Oz every year right before T-giving and then of course The Christmas Story,

and last night I watched Chevy Chase in the funniest movie, I feel, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!!! Just too much....
And I also watched Bing Crosby in White Christmas... There is just nothing like a great musical from the 50s to set off the Christmas spirit!!! I was really amazed at how the scenery has really changed over the years, I mean looking at the older movies when they actually hand painted teh back drops to all the computerized scenes of today. Take Elf when they used different angles and computer enhansed shots to make it look as though will Ferrell was a giant compared to the others like , Bob Newhart who was suppose to be an actual elf. Really clever...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Books

Has anyone been to B&N or Boarders yet? I was there yesterday and I must say that there sure are a bunch of new books out with the "Christmas" theme. I couldn't decide which one to buy, naturally I had to to buy one...well maybe two...okay, three.... Well anywho I also had to buy A Christmas Story DVD, I mean that classic is just the best and I have been wanting my own copy so I spluged and got that too! The I got A Dropped Stitches Christmas by Janet Tronstad...It's about a women making changes in her life and she belongs to a kntting group...sounds intriging...and then I got a really inspiring one called... The Last Christmas Ride by Edie Hand. This one is based on a true life story of how a woman survies the death of her brother...It is a real learning experience and she teaches us how to let go and continue to live forward...Lastly and my favorite I got Christmas Jars...by Jason Wright. Now this is one I really wanted and is to be made into a 2008 movie so I am really excited about reading this one. Hmmm I say "this" way too much! But honestly, it is a Christmas upcoming classic and I cannot wait to sit in my favorite chair in front of the fireplace and read the book. I suppose I should tell you that they were bought from the $$$ I have received from my mother-n-law for Christmas. :) So I am even happier...Please do tell if you have read any of these books and chat about how you felt....

Friday, November 30, 2007

A new Contest and Swap

Hey go on over to DaBookLady's Swap for the new contest # 3 "Between the Bushes" You could be the next winner. And be sure and sign up for the BABEs Book and Bookmark swap that starts up again in January. Its fun and you could learn about a new author and make a new "book" friend to boot! There's also a wonderful recipe contest over on DaBookLady's Recipe blog. Who couldn't use more recipes? And hop on over to PBDesigns blog for a "PAy it Forward" sign up and you could be one of the 1st three to post and get a free handmade item sent to you. A great contest on author Virginia Smith's blog and you could win a $500 shopping spree. Over on A Bookworm's Diary is a whole bunch of listing's on contests so be sure and visit her blog.

Oh...yes I almost forgot....I have entered a contest to win the cookbook I'm Dreaming of a Choclate Christmas by Marsel Desaulniers and Ron Manville for the Christmas Give-Away over at Baking Delights Blog contest running now through December 18th.

I entered a few book give aways for a Deceptively Delicious cookbook on Girl on a Mission's blog and another one on Lesa's blog for Hell for the Holidays.

I signed up for Mike's newsletter to get in on a chance to win Vanished a signed copy by Kathryn Mackel.

I just love contests!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sad News Good News!

Our youngest son was in an awful motorcycle accident 9 days ago. He was on life support for the whole time and the good news is that they have just taken him off...and he is breathing on his own...thank you so much to all for your prayers....he has a long way to full recovery, but he will recover....it is just a rough time for our home so I will not be blogging a lot for next few weeks.
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
to all of my blogging friends old and new!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When Did the Writing of Books Begin?

In surfing the book scene I came across an article on the writing of books and found the information quite intriguing...

"In the year 1456, Johann Gutenberg and Peter Schoeffer printed their great Bible. Now the question?????

How many new books do you think had been printed by 1498, 42 years later, and just 500 years ago?
Some of you may know, but most people I talk with, even most librarians, are astonished when they hear the number.

Five hundred years ago, the new presses had spread like brushfire through Europe. The people had suddenly come into possession of some fifteen million new books. Scholars argue about the number. It could've been as few as eight million or as many as twenty four. But the output of new books had been staggering by any reasonable estimate. And those books reflected some thirty thousand titles. I find this to be astonishing!

Fifteen million books had been flung into a world where scholars would travel miles to visit a library stocked with twenty hand-written volumes. And it'd all happened in 42 years or a little more.

Let's see if we can put that in perspective. Where were we, you and I, 42 years ago? Let's see...??? I was living in a resort area near the beach in upstate NY, hmmm... I still live near the beach...just on the West coast this time instead of the East coast....but neither here nor there, let's continue....

Of course some of you hadn't been born yet. But let me give you a little time-line here:
  • The programmable computer, first conceived by Charles Babbage in the 1830s, wasn't finally built until the 1930s.
  • The computer of 1956 was a huge isolated machine.
  • In 1943 Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM, had said, I think there's a world market for maybe five computers.
  • In July, 1958, a patent war was underway.
  • By 1969, complete central processing were added to units
  • Then Noyce formed a new company, INTEL, for INTegrated Electronics, and he started producing whole computer mother-boards.
  • Costs plunged.
  • Integrated circuits first really touched our lives a few years later when we all started carrying pocket calculators. But none of us yet had a clue where all this was going. Who could have guessed???
  • Even with a calculator in his pocket, the president of Digital Equipment Company could say, as late as 1977, "There's no reason people would want computers in their homes." Little did he know????
  • Then came a key invention -- the invention of modern software.
  • Software made it possible for you and me to use our computers without writing their programs.
  • At that point computers promptly did enter our homes, and they were soon entering the closest quarters of our daily lives as well. I got my 1st computer in 1995, and didn't have a clue how to use it. Wow look at me now!
  • Today we all can have a computer not only in our homes or on our laps, but in our hands ....

I remember back in the 1970s, later part, reading an article about the "future" where it said one day people would be able sit on the beach and receive phone calls and be able to shop everywhere with just a plastic card? That was absurd to think of at that time and I remember laughing at such a predidction...it further said that people would be able to shop with swiping their arms over a board that would read all your personal info as it would be a chip implanted beneath your skin??? Hmmmm I wonder when that little invention will come...no wait we already have that technology ...

But today the world changes so fast that to buy a new computer or phone is a challenge and frankly quite disturbing, because by the time you get it into your car; drive home; go into the house; read the directions; and figure out how to use it and set it up; it is already obsolete.... is that not the frustrating truth of it all?

I recently had to buy a camera and experienced that same type of choice...my gosh what do I get the varieties were overwhelming...which one????

So as far as books you can now; get them in book stores; on the web; on your palm pilot; cd; or even on your phones....reading a book is just a look down ....I for one love it, because I want to read them all...however, when it comes to sitting down for a relaxing hour or two, I want to curl up with a paper book. One I can touch and feel and enjoy the words in print in front of my eyes....I also enjoy the artwork of the illustrator and the excitment of the prelude....

Yes books have come a long way, but I still want the old fashion book, the one I can look at in print and color...collecting them is my passion and the room for them all has become my challenge!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Book Club Reading

I am reading "Adventures in Thrift" a classic online book in a book club group over at Country Girls' blog. We read chapters each week and comment on our progress. It is an interesting book and one I probably would not have ordinarily read. It was written in 1916 by Richardson, Anna Steese

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some Interesting and Mind Boggling Facts

I was surfing again, for interesting blogs on reading and came across Whats the Rumpus and loved it! As I scrolled down the blog I pondered on a post that I totally loved, it discussed one of my favorite movies with Bruce Willis in his Die Hard movies. Eric Lichtenfeld writes a "critique" article on the Die Harddoes a really cleaver and amusing riff on the "greatest one-liner in movie history." I've always been one to not condone the 4-letter word usage in any one's presence, but in this movie it is definitely a great one-liner masterpeice making the movie more memorable!

Willis' new movie this year Live and Let Die Hard and to know more and don't mind being told most of the plot then be sure to read the synopsis .

Then there is the thought about the names young couples are using to name their kids these days??? I mean what is it to name a child "Pepsi" anyways? I thought that was a drink? I also have met a women named America.... that is a place where we live...although it would probably be an honor to be named after such a great country, I still feel it is a bit much....Don't parents know that kids go to school and have to live with these names all their lives? And look at what the celebrities are naming their children??? Take a quiz and see if you are not as amazed as I was.....

I know this does not have a lot to do with books but these are some interesting and mind boggling facts of life.....

But really people here are some things that put a smile on my face and make me glad I live here in the USA:

After all of that I did some research on the upcoming Thanksgiving Parade. I found "ASK JOE the DOORMAN's PARADE TIPS" to be really helpful if you are actually going to the parade, but what if your just watching???

Well it starts at 9am, of course that is New York time people so be sure to adjust for your area. And did you realize that Macy's parade is 75 years old! Wow.....for over 75 Years, Macy's has given us a tradition which both celebrates America and marks the official beginning of the Christmas holidays....my favorite time of the year....

A few years ago I made a Family Cookbook for my entire family, whew that was a real job, anywho I ended the book with the history of the lighting of the New York City's Rockefeller Christmas tree. It is quite a site and has some interesting facts like the # of lights on the tree and the size of the tree...in 2003 it was 79' high...wowooo...

And if you plan to attend this year, here are some tips..

  • When: Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 7PM-9PM
  • Where: Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller Plaza, From West 48th Street to West 51st Street between 5th and 6th Avenues
  • Directions:
    Take the B,D,F,V to Rockefeller Center/47-50th Street station
    Take the N,R,W to 49th Street and Seventh Avenue
    Take the E to Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street
  • More Information: 212-632-3975
Tips For Attending The Tree Lighting Ceremony At Rockefeller Center:

First and foremost, leave your car at home

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mother May I? Monday Fun Game Day

Ok Today's "Fun Monday" at Hootin Anni's Monday Game is called
Mother May I , and the answer is "Yes, you may!"

You're to take 30 GIANT steps away from your computer. 30 GIANT STEPS - IN ANY direction. You may have to make a few turns and pivots so you won't run into any walls or such...don't want any injuries today! WARNING: Avoid any obstacles in the way- if there's a door...open it & continue, if there is a wall...pivot AROUND it. You could end up outdoors in the hall....or upstairs if I decide to go in that directions!!! "Oh my, Then after the 30 giant steps, you must Stop!TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING!!Then, take 15 baby steps back and after the 15 baby steps, Stop!TAKE A PHOTO AND/OR NOTE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING and you can look in any direction -to your right, left, up not down ---that'd be your feet!!. What you see is what we get!! Stop! It's all about your first glance after the giant/baby steps!!! [You will have two photos/stories for us- the 30 giant steps then, the 15 baby steps going back] Don't forget---ask "Mother may I"!!Okay...go. "Mother may I?" "Yes, YOU MAY!!"

So here is my 1st photo that I took that was a picture of my flowers in my living room area. It's not real, but I love pink so I got this arrangement for that main purpose. It stands in the corner next to my TV away from any chance of it getting knocked down by any g-kiddies when they visit. :)

I then took my 15 "baby" steps back and looked a little up to my left and there was "George". Geaorge has been with me for many many years. I named him the minute I got him from a neighbor who said her Ganddad hunted him back in 1929. I had always wanted a Deer over my mantle, and since my hubby nor I hunt, it was the perfect fit as she no longer had a place to hang him. I named him George, because it was the first name that came to my mind when I saw him. [don't have a clue why???] Isn't he just too cute? Anywho, this is my 2nd photo for the Mother May I monday Fun Day game!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Some Great Book Group Ideas

Today I was blog surfing and found a new way of reading and joining a book group. Country Girl at Heart has a Blogger Book CLub where you read 1-3 chapters a week from an online free book and then post about it... now its free no unnecessaryt shopping for MORE books to put onto our shelves, and its fun.. Go and try her out...
Some ideas if you want to start a reading group:
  • The size for a lively discussion is around six to ten people, and when thinking of how many members to include in your group, you need to take into account other factors, such as hectic schedules, children issues, likes and dislikes of the chosen books, unanticipated conflicts, or varying interest in topics chosen. This may mean that 3 or 4 people may be unable to attend any given meeting. Hence, the best strategy is to have enough people join the group so that at each meeting you are assured approximately 6 to 8 participants.
  • Consider having a total membership of 10 to 12 to insure optimum attendance at every meeting.
  • How Often Should You Meet? For most groups, meeting more than once a month would be a struggle, and if you meet less, the group will never get any momentum going. It is a good idea to meet on some predictable day, such as the first Wednesday of every month. Many work scedules play a heavy role in the time and day that is picked or church obligations.
  • Where Should You Meet? You could rotate among members' homes or use library rooms, coffee chops, book stores, local community centers, churches, etc. Of course, online discussions are a possibility for all types of groups.
  • How Much Will it Cost? There are various costs associated with having a reading group, depending on how you choose to do things. Obviously, the books cost money but there may be other costs and a club dues might be the way to cover some of these costs like; if you mail out reminders, there are the costs of printing and mailing, food at the meetings, [you can also do pot-luck style which is good for busy members who don't eat before the meetings] there might also be a cost for where you meet if it is at an outside facitlity. An e-mail list or phone tree can be fairly simple to set up and easy to administer, thus saving on paper and mailing costs. You could ask members for a one-time fee to cover six months of postage, snacks, etc. Or, have a monthly dues or ask each member to supply self-addressed-stamped envelopes.
  • Members' Responsibilities; Of course, the most obvious responsibility of members is to read the book. Other ground rules should be discussed among the group at the first meeting. The discussion might include issues of punctuality. At what time will meetings begin and end? What are the expectations of group members regarding level and consistency of participation (what if members have to miss a session? what if they miss several in a row? what if someone only comes once in a while?) How will we deal with the cost issues? Should members be allowed to bring their children? Are guests allowed?
    It is a good idea to discuss all of these issues at the first meeting of the group and to make decisions, as a group, about such things as location, food, cost-sharing, how books will be chosen, whether there will be one facilitator or if the role will rotate among members, as well as the issues mentioned above.
  • The Role of the Facilitator; The facilitator may be the same person each time, or members may choose a rotation system for the role, depending on the needs and wants of the group. The facilitator is responsible for:
  1. Monitoring start and stop times
  2. Encouraging dialogue from all participants
  3. Reviewing the book carefully for specific discussion topics
  4. Identifying the next facilitator if the group uses a rotation for the facilitator role
  5. Questions to ask at the first meeting
  6. Where and when will we meet?
  7. How will we notify people of meeting locations, times, and reading selections?
  8. What are the costs involved and how will we divide them up?
  9. What the dues will be to each member?
  10. How will we choose books to read?
  11. What are our basic ground rules?
  12. Will we have a single facilitator or will the role rotate among members?
  13. How will we purchase the books, individually or as a group?
  14. Make sure the books are available at all times.
  15. Plan accordingly, and order the books about 4 - 6 weeks before you actually need them.
  16. Keep in mind that not everyone in the group needs to have read the book completely; often the discussion of the ideas in the book is robust enough on its own merits. In other words, don't cancel the reading group just because not everyone has had a chance nor the time to read the book.
  17. Ask and encourage each participant to participate.
  18. Maybe start a RR {Round Robin , going around the room asking questions or having that member discuss their likes and dislikes of the book
  19. Determine the next book, and set the meeting time
  20. It is often a good idea to set the meeting time up to three months in advance, on the same day of the week and time on the calendar for each month. Be sure to email a schedule to each member or snail mail it to them.

    These are a few simple rules for groups in your local area, looking on the web is a good source for getting your questions and learning more about your group...Good luck and let me know how it goes, and your group name and place and I will post it here for others to see...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Who's Reading Books???

Here's a scary thought. According an MSNBC poll, one in four Americans read no books last year. Read below what the poll learned:

  • One in four adults read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday. Of those who did read, women and older people were most avid, and religious works and popular fiction were the top choices.
    The survey reveals a
    nation whose book readers, on the whole, can hardly be called ravenous. The typical person claimed to have read four books in the last year — half read more and half read fewer. Excluding those who hadn’t read any, the usual number read was seven.

So what are Americans doing instead? Working? Playing video games? I know most children would rather play a video game than read, and in fact schools take the students to computer labs where they play games to learn about navigation on computers, well at least there is learning involved in that. So what are people doing? Watching TV? Talking on their cell phones?

How many books did you read last year?

I know I read at least a 2 dozen…

Friday, November 2, 2007

Onto a New Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove Series

Hello there, I am onto another great book in the Cedar Cove Series. I am excited to get into this book that will maybe tell me what happeded to Gace's hubby Dan. "204 Rosewood Lane" sounds like another interesting read. It will get into more depth of the lives of Grace, Kelly her daughter, Olivia the judge, and her daughter who just married, and Jack Olivias new love. It will be a fun and interesting read.
On to another note I just purchased some other books that caught my eye at Boarders that I absolutly clould not resist while shopping. 1st is "Love Walked in" by Marish De Los Santos. It appears to be a really touching and romantic along with friendship and emotional substance.
Then there is "The Doctor's Wife" by Elizabeth Brundage. It is a debut novel and one of mystery and intrige of taking the forbibben and like the old saying, "Don't wish for something that you may find you don't really want when you get it!"
I also picked up the "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis. The beginning to the story of "Nardia". I wanted to go back and see where it began. Just loved the fantasy story of the "The Chronicels".
The last book that I just picked up is "The Horse and his Boy" by C.S. Lewis. It is the 2nd story of the "Nardia" series. As you can tell I am hooked into this world of fantasy where animals talk and men are not really men but elves and 1/2 men and 1/2 horse. It is delightful and a bit like "Fantasia". I loved them too!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October Reading Fun

I started a new book this month and I think I have found a really funny and entertaining author. "Shopoholic & Sister" by Sophia Kinsella is a really fun book. I started it on the plane ride to NY when I went to visit my sister and I am almost done with it. It is aobut a young newly married spoiled women who loves to shop. As a matter of fact, she is obcessed with it. It takes place in the beginning on her honeymoon where her and her new hubby are taking an around-the-world trip for 1 year. She buys, buys, buys, and is overwhemed with the end result when it is delivered to her house when they get back. Then she finds out she has a long lost sister and the escapades of her with her new sister are hysterical. Her sister, an opposite who hates to shop, is hard for our herione to swallow. If you like humor and love to shop, this one will really suit your fancy, I can't wait to see how it's going to end.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Grail King Is My Selection This Month

This is a really thrilling book and one appropriate for the Halloween month! I decided to change my pace a bit and read a different type of book, a fantasy, but was pleasently surprised to find out it was alos a thriller with a touch of romance. So not really off much of what I desire to read after all.

It is my first time reading a Joy Nash novel and I am excited to see if she is as interesting as the cover portrays her to be. She has several books around this tale and offers more on her website if you wish to follow her theme.

This is the story of the Grail before Arthur and his knights and what transpired in the earlier years. It is a story of love, romance and fantasy all rolled into one thrilling historiacal and even paranormal appeal. I am off to read it....

Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Still Reading HP and Now Reading "16 Lighthouse Road"

Ok I am behind in my reading the HP book, but I did start another great book by Debbie Macomber, "16 Lighthouse Road". Oh I do like these Cedar Cove series. This is my 1st one and it is a page catcher already. I can forsee I will be reading them all. And did you see that Debbie has come out with knitting novels with patterns....ohhh I do love her books. If you haven't read any be sure to get a few...Now back to Cedar Cove, this is the 1st in the series and this one is about Olivia who is a court judge, divorced, single mom, and has a mom who is constantly taking her knitting into the court room to listen to all her daughter's cases. Its a place where you will never forget the characters. Oh and I am going to finish HP real soon I promise.....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter of Course

Ok what else would I be reading during the frenzie but HP Deathly Hallows book???? I cannot wait to find out the news of where HP will be? I mean will JKrowling keep us in the dark or tell us that she intends to continue the series? I just took the HP quiz and I am definitly spending too much time reading HP..LOL..And the quiz on books 1 & 2 I need to refresh my memory a bit! But the author has a great talent of portraying HP and his friends. It fascinate's me how she continues the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione and how well J.K. Rowling has captured the capriciousness of adolescents. These kids are constantly fiddling around where they shouldn’t — and getting busted for it repeatedly, which just makes me laugh. As "The Deathly Hallows" begins, Harry is about to turn 17 and would be starting his final year at Hogwarts, except that he has dropped out, along with best pals Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, to complete a mission left to them by Dumbledore.
Their secret mission is to destroy the four remaining Horcruxes hidden by Voldemort. A Horcrux is an object into which Voldemort has placed a portion of his soul. So long as even one Horcrux exists, Voldemort is immortal. Once all are destroyed, he can be killed like any mortal. Harry destroyed one in the second book, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets": the diary that Voldemort kept when he was a student at Hogwarts named Tom Riddle. And Dumbledore destroyed one, a ring, in the sixth book. They also need to find one of the rare can destroy a Horcrux, such as venom from a basilisk (a magical snakelike creature) or the Sword of Gryffindor, which is impregnated with the venom.
So, for much of "Deathly Hallows," the three friends are on the run, looking for the sword and the Horcruxes whose form and whereabouts are unknown, while the Ministry and Hogwarts are taken over by Voldemort loyalists, with Purebloods (the offspring of a witch and wizard) rounding up those pejoratively called Mudbloods (who have one or more Muggle, or nonmagical, parent) and "blood traitors" (wizarding folk who help Muggle-borns). Harry's official Ministry status is relegated to "Undesirable Number One" with a 10,000 Galleon price on his head. As usual, the three must use a combination of instinct, daring and knowledge to elude their hunters and accomplish their quest. (What other desperados would haul textbooks around with them on the lam?)
Ron and Hermione are willing to die for Harry, but occasionally they question whether he knows what he's doing. They fear his getting distracted by his desire to learn more about his parents (risking exposure by visiting the village where they died and are buried) and his obsession with a children's fairy tale that Dumbledore left them to ponder about, in which they learn about three objects, or "Hallows," believed to make whoever possesses them the master of death.
It turns out the tale contains clues to Harry's connection to Voldemort, as well as the key to how Harry can defeat him. He finally seizes his destiny, while accepting the help of the brave friends, schoolmates, parents and teachers who make a valiant stand against the Death Eaters, Dementors and dark creatures aligned with Voldemort in an apocalyptic battle at Hogwarts.
Readers -- and Harry himself -- have waited years to know everything, to fit all the pieces to the puzzle of Harry's life. And now it has been satisfyingly delivered, complete with an epilogue indicating what happens years later. I can't wait to continue and see what will untangle in this tale of all tales! Happy reading all you HP fans!

Friday, June 8, 2007

A Good Yarn my Summer Book

Hello I have now started to read "A Good Yarn" By Debbie Macomber. I cannot wait to finish this book. It is really getting interesting with bouncing back and forth with the lives of the characters that sign up for one of Lydia's knit classes. Lydia is the owner of the Blossom Street yarn shop that is the focal point of the books theme. It starts off with the first class, consisting of three women, and it is a disaster. One is irritable, another lacks basic confidence, and the third is a miserably unhappy teen. The story goes back and forth to each woman's story, A GOOD YARN takes the disparate threads and (okay, I can't resist) knits them together into one warm and snuggly shawl of a tale as the knitters form a supportive community. A truly enjoyable read that intertangle their lives which is still a mystery to me. But I am intrigued with it. I just got Back on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber from my good friend Jaynee in a book swap we were in together and so I will start that one right after I finish this book in the Blossom Street series. It centers around a yarn shop on Blossom Street, of course, in a small town in WA. I do so love Seattle, which is where Debbie Macomber is from. Be sure to read this one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What am I Reading Now?

Hello readers everywhere. Well I am reading "Two Little Girls in Blue" by Mary Higgins Clark and it is one that is hard to put down. It surrounds a kidnapping of the couple's twins and then they find the kidnapper and one twin was suppose to have died and the other keep saying she is talking to her. Spooky....but I love the suspense...Her books are usually good. So if you have read this one book lovers then please comment....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome to my Reading Blog

Hello and welcome to DaBookLady's Reading Life blog. I have a passion for reading and can never get enough books to read! I have books everywhere in my house complete with 3 ceiling to floor bookcases. I usually read about 5 of books at a time. That way I can change my thoughts from Mystery to Romance to Sci-Fi to Thriller when my mood suits me. My most favorite type of books are Thrillers. They make me sit at the edge of my seat; gritting my teeth antisipating the terror to come. I love it! Does that make me a little strange??? My hubby thinks so, but then again isn't it a matter of opinion? I like the challenge of trying to figure out "Who done it?" and "Why?" I mean the trickier the maze of characters and slueths entangled in a web of deceit and murder the more enticing it is to my mind! One of my favorite TV shows is Murder She Wrote. not that it is so mind boggling, but it is light and all about mystery in a non-sexual violent way. I also love Stephen King for his fantasy into the unknown weird and macabe. Well.... that is another posting. Now I have gotten into swapping books and bookmarks and so I started my own DaBookLady Book and Bookmarker Swap [BABEs] to learn about more authors from other book lovers, like myself, and to have fun swapping books. I still have tons to post here so I better read on and complete my posting swept up in a knotted path of books, authors, and recipes!

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