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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review The Devil's Elixer Book

I cannot believe that I have not blogged in soooo long, but my life has been filled. So filled that I have not even read the books I wanted to 
read. :( 

But I did manage to finish a book, that I needed to critique.

 I got"The Devil's Elixir"  in the mail from a gal at the "The Book Report Network" to review & critique... this was a real THRILLER and anyone that knows me knows that I love THRILLERS!!!

The author Raymond Khoury, part of the "Authors on the Web" is a New York Times Bestseller author of his previous best seller, "The Templar Salvation" I will have to read that one after this one. 

The book "The Devil's Elixir"[affiliate link] was released in hardcover and
ebook editions last December. The book features the FBI agent Sean Reilly and archaeologist Tess Chaykin, who were first introduced in the New York Times bestseller "THE LAST TEMPLAR."[affiliate link]  

My review:

I found, Khoury's book [which is actually #3 in the "Templar" series] to be one that made my skin chill because of its so "real to life" excitement and plot turns that I wasn't able to put it down. The only warning I have for other
"thriller-a-holic's" is that you should not read it at night, alone, or before bedtime. I fear that you will be "spooked" and/or have nightmares!! :)

It's truly a great thriller, Raymond gives you a little background info in the beginning from the 1700s Mexico and sets the scene switching back and forth between present day and 5 years ago when he was involved in a drug bust. 

Then he switches to the present where he receives a call from a former girlfriend who is in danger and is fearing for her life. She is being chased and doesn't know why? But she does know that she cannot go home because they broke into her house, so she has fled with her little boy. She contacts Reilly for his help. Reilly of course, comes to rescue her and her son in Southern California. The plot thickens with lots of violence, drug dealers, and thrills. 

It catches you right from the first page, fast-paced, entertaining, and action packed with his complex and interesting characters like FBI agent Sean Reilly. He manages to get entangled with the Mexican cartel taking place in Southern California and Mexico. There is the lust of a "mind blowing" drug,"The Devil's Elixir"  that comes from a plant found deep in the rain forest that Reilly races to keep out of the hands of the drug world. If it gets out it could rock the worlds very foundation in a kilter!!

I love to read thrillers that end with a twist that I didn't see coming, and Raymond's book didn't disappoint me.  But, you'll have to read it for yourself to see what I am talking about.  Sorry, I don't want to spoil the ending for you. 

Go ahead and order it today and read an excellent summer vacation thriller when you are laying on the beach; riding on a commuter train to work; camping in your RV; or just sitting in the comfy of your big easy chair at home. 

You'll be pleasantly surprised with this wonderful thrills and chills book by Raymond Khoury, "The Devil's Elixir" I highly recommend it!!


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