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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Craft Books and More

I have seen a lot of Japanese felt books posted on blogs, like Suzie Can Stitch, be sure and scroll down and see the cute magnets of the tea pot and eggs. they are adorable and my fav! Flickr is alway a good place to find these books to look like a lot of fun, especially since the projects seem to be quick, easy, and inexpensive. :) You can purchase many of them right from Ebay.

I have also seen many cute projects that I want to try. I have so been not only an avid reader but also a crocheter, but lately have gotten interested in crafting in other areas. My friend "P" has been showing me her MANY crafting "WIP" and also finished ones and I am hooked! I loved some of her ideas, like Tea Bag Folding.....wow is that a great one for making and using on your cards. There are quite a few blogs out there with the "tell how" and also lots of books like,

These craft books interested me since I am married to a dutchman. :) from the Netherlands. They were published sometime in the 1970s and are very similar to a lot of the American vintage craft books. I love just about everything about them and it all seems very current.
Looks like one of the books is on dolls and the other two, Nieuwe Borduur Ideeen and Borduur Met Plezier have lots of embroidery projects and a few patchworks, pincushions, and butterflies
and even some kids' artwork to textile transformation with the cutest squirrel! Stuff for babies too!
I just love using felt and the books are numerous to give you some great ideas. Just Google and have fun!

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