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Monday, November 5, 2007

Who's Reading Books???

Here's a scary thought. According an MSNBC poll, one in four Americans read no books last year. Read below what the poll learned:

  • One in four adults read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday. Of those who did read, women and older people were most avid, and religious works and popular fiction were the top choices.
    The survey reveals a
    nation whose book readers, on the whole, can hardly be called ravenous. The typical person claimed to have read four books in the last year — half read more and half read fewer. Excluding those who hadn’t read any, the usual number read was seven.

So what are Americans doing instead? Working? Playing video games? I know most children would rather play a video game than read, and in fact schools take the students to computer labs where they play games to learn about navigation on computers, well at least there is learning involved in that. So what are people doing? Watching TV? Talking on their cell phones?

How many books did you read last year?

I know I read at least a 2 dozen…


alisonwonderland said...

since january 1, i've read 67 - and counting ... :o)

Alix said...

oh my gosh lots and lots, I have only started recording them in the last month though. I always have a boom I am reading or two and a pile waiting.

Cherann said...

That's kind of sad. I think what's happening is that people are watching more TV and just reading stuff on the internet (like blogs!).

Out of curiosity, how'd you find my blog? I actually have two. The other one is about the books I read, which lately is non-existent.

Country Girl At Heart said...

I would have to say at least 20 of my own choices. I don't get to read so many of my own choices being that I am always reading for my two youngest children and reading along with my two older children for homeschool.

Also I read your comment and you are welcome to join the "Blogger Book Club". Just copy the book link on my sidebar and begin reading chapters 1-3 Nov.12th through Nov.18th. We are reading "Adventures in Thrift" by Anna Steese Richardson. The book is available free of charge on line.

After reading the first 3 chapters come back and post any questions or comments that you may have and we'll discuss them by commenting and replies. I'll have a special post set up for these questions and comments on Monday Nov.19th.

Thanks for stopping by proverbswife.blogspot.com

Granny Sue said...

It's not how many, but how many at one time! I'm often reading for pleasure and researching at the same time, so I might have 3 or 4 going at once. I haven't kept count, but it's a goodly number, I'd reckon. Not having a television helps!

Norma said...

When I heard that poll I thought about all the book related blogs on the internet. Makes you wonder if they're talking to the right people, doesn't it?

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