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Friday, February 1, 2008

Some of my Household Books

While visiting a new online friends blog, Sweet Nothings, I loved her post on her bookends, so I decided that I will post some pics of mine, since I like her, collected many over the past years. Now her bookcase is much more pretty to look at, but I'm a "book-o-holic" and so I have way too many bunched on my shelves, I also got into snapping some of bookmark collection....IT was fun...then I went around the house and snapped other interesting spots, but you'll have to visit my Recipe blog, and my main PBDesigns blog to see them, so after browsing around here hop over there.. :)

Ok this bookend comes in a pair, but I use mine individually since I own so many books, it is my old world bookends I purchased at a garage sale while visiting my nephew in Seattle. I loved the old world detail and the look.

My old horse head was given to me as a gift by a friend when I lived in an equestrian town in the 90s. It has delicate detail and is really very heavy.

My glass cowboy I got at a shabby chic store and I couldn't resist him. He just reminds be of an old rodeo cowboy with a 10-gallon hat. As you can tell I tend to lean towards a Western theme, I owned horses for many years. this set is actually ceramic and it is a brown horse that reminded me of my horse "Mr. Ricky Keen" as he had the star on his brow too. :) I purchased on Ebay.

More glass ends, a large headed horse and I just love this one you can actually see through them and as they are hallow not like my solid cowboy guy...I got these from a store in Norco, the equestrian town I lived in that sold tack and odds and ends..

The Indian Head is very old, it was my dads and he used to have it sitting on his bar in his bar room. It says Iroquois on it standing for the old Iroquois beer that was made back east many years ago. I remember because I used to think it was scary when I was a child. When my dad passed I inheited it and use it as a bookend. I only have one of this one but he is a conversation piece. He is made of rubber and at least 50 years old.

A ceramic bookend of a horse's head. Done in a variety of colors. Another garage sale find. Lastly my black horses, in gold and black in ceramic and have a built in pencil holder on each one. A word of caution the bookends are dusty! My short comings on the cleaning end... :(

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