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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's A Good Fall Reading?

What do you like to read when the winds kick up and the temps begin to drop? It's time to take out your snuggies, wrap up in that big easy chair in front of the fireplace and grab your favorite fall read!

Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)

What is your idea of a great fall read? Nobody said that the fun has to end. because summer reading season is over. You can still read all the books you purchased over the summer.  Autumn’s an even better time to read outside. Beach reading gets a lot of promotion, but the weather’s hot and sticky, and the blazing sun doesn’t make the best reading lamp. The softer light of fall, and the cooler weather, can make an autumn afternoon on the patio with a good book a great joy. With fall, the books can get longer. In summer, we like compact, breezy reading, but in autumn, we’re more comfortable with books that don’t have to fit so easily into a beach bag. So enjoy a much longer book.

I particularly like to get into a new series. Starting one with lots of mystery and light romance... that way I look forward to curling up monthly with the next book in the series.
One of my favorite athors is Joann Fluke I love her mystery series. I am now starting the "Apple Turnover Murder? I look forward to trudging through this new one...

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