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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Reading Habits and Book Stores??

I have been posting about what I have been reading now I am going to talk about our habits...Most people who are as hooked on reading as much as I am have incorporated certain reading habits...I know I have. And they have certain "quirks" about their book buying and where they read.
So lets discuss a few...an article stated "How the Web changes your reading habits"
By Gregory M. Lamb Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor PALO ALTO, CALIF. –

He states in his article that the web has made tremendous changes because of the versitility and availability of information that is there at a click of your mouse. No more tedious searching the library or rummaging through pages and pages of books to gather info, just go to Google or any other search engine and click away.

He further states that and I quote him; "when Ed Chi wants to read, he turns to two of the six computer screens that surround his desk. One is devoted exclusively to e-mail; the other, to the rest of his reading material. The senior researcher is testing a theory: What if your "virtual desk" was as just big as your real desk? How would that change your behavior? Dr. Chi, of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in California, has found out one thing already. Almost all his reading - text messages, e-mails, journal articles, even books - is done on-screen.

Analysts expect mobile phones to evolve into a multipurpose "third screen," along with televisions and computers displaying both pictures and text. But the small screen size has made reading cumbersome, as users scroll through tiny screen after screen."

Or you can try taking this Reading Habits Quiz to see where your habits lie???

Or do you have bad reading habits? This article suggests some ways to cope and change them.

But here are some simple questions....

  1. Where do you do it?
  2. At what times?
  3. For how long?
  4. How often?
  5. How long did it take to get like that?
  6. What do you usually read?
And then of course what about going into book stores??? How many of us can go into a book store and NOT buy books??? Not me... I cannot resist stopping and readin and filling my arms with more "must have" reads....I spend so much $$$$ and have so many books, but I have no time to read them all and my shelves are so full that I either have to start reading them and give them away or leave them around town, with "Bookcrossing"I love that group, or I need to buy more shelves...and unfortunately my DH says, "NO, more!!" So I must come up with a plan for 2008 that will put my reading habits in motion to reading some of my "stash" of books!!!

And having a Book Swap doesn't help lower my "stash" either????

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I enjoyed your blog.

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