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Monday, January 7, 2008

What is Your New Year's Goals in Reading?

I thought a lot about this new year and wondered what is it I want to read? Or do I just want to wander through the book stores and buy more books? I will tell you that I never go into a book store without leaving with at least 4 new novels and even a couple magazine's under my arms. I consider them a major "requisite" of my life's existence. How many of you find yourselves in this same predicament? Or how many of you actually know most of the people in your local bookstore by their first name? Be honest now!

The answer I came up with was that I have tons of books on my book shelves now; and I need to get some of these read; and then pass them on to others; so I ultimately have room for new ones. As you can see I have many many books that are still calling out to me to be read!

However, I cannot resist making my monthly stops at the local B&N!

What a delimma????? So... what shall I do? Well..... here are some suggestions for me and everyone else out there that needs to read what's on their shelves as much as I do.

  1. Join BookCrossing and give those books away

  2. Pledge to not buy another book till you have read at 10

  3. Donate some books to a nearby library or school

  4. Giving books away

  5. Pay it Forward

  6. Sell it on Amazon

  7. Sell them to local book stores or get credit towards future purchases

  8. Try some web based book exchanges/swaps

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