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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Christmas Gift-Along List

I got this idea from over at Niki's blog to list my URL with her to get more traffic and also keep track of my projects....since it requires reading I thought I would add it on this blog for some good reading...

What this “along” project is: Gift-Along is a blogroll collected with fellow gift-making bloggers. Blogrolls help blogs gain exposure and many times new regular readers. Every week, or few weeks, blog a post with your up-to-date gift-making list and photos of finished projects. Of course, some gifts will be top secret I imagine if you would prefer to keep something on your list hidden from possible recipients. Feel free to snag my image (right click–> copy image location) to use in your ‘08 GAL posts, and don’t forget to link back to this post so other may find this GAL as well!Your gift list can be of anything handmade; felt crafts, knit/crochet, sewing, you name it! The purpose of this gift-along is to get blogging crafters in general together.

My current gift-making list:

  • a book crochet ....J
  • crochet wine bottle......Lori
  • sew apron western........Mary
  • sew apron pig......Sandy
  • kids apron set sew.....Ashley
  • crochet birthday hat......group
  • crochet apron for red hats gift
  • sew bag for corvette club gift
  • sew cat apron ....Gail
  • sew apron cat......Alane
  • sew apron bird houses....Lori
  • crochet veg and fruit with flowers basket....Alane
  • crochet small ????....for crochet group
  • ?????????????? for red hats group members [something small]
  • ?????????????? for Amanda
If you’d like to join this gift-along and want to register your blog URL, please do so in a comment over at the A-Team. 2008 GAL blogroll:

Happy Crafting great idea Niki

1 comment:

Niki said...

Thanks for joining the 2008 GAL! I have added your URL to the intro post and will continue to add the blogroll to the end of each '08 GAL update. =)

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