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Monday, August 1, 2011

Off On Vacation Book in Hand

WOW~~~~ it's been a little bit since I posted last...I have been hearing so much about Harry Potter's new movie but I don't want to see it till I read the book...so I am off to get it onto my IPod so I can listen to it while I am on vacation...

One of my favorite reading books are the mystery ones with cats!!! They are mysterious creatures and fasinate me with their uncanny ability to do what ever they want and be so independent cats are a true mystery themselves.....

I am also taking one of Lillian Bran's books, " The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts"

I love love the Lillian Braun's books...she writes with such a flare of realistic characters making them appear real and appealing to all her readers...sadly she died this past June of natural causes at the young age of 97. She had lived in Tryon, North Carolina, for the past 23 years. Lillian wrote 31 books over her lifetime, including two short story collections, and worked 30 years at "The Detroit Free Press."

Braun's books were popular because her characters weren't mean and the cats didn't do anything that a cat wouldn't do in real life. Readers could relate to her stories and felt like the characters were so real that they sometimes wanted to meet them. She actually wrote all her books in longhand and then typed them out herself. Now that is a task and one not heard of these days with the computer age..
The truth was that the woman who wrote about cats didn't even own any in the last years of her life. She was losing her sight, and a kitten kept getting underfoot, Bettinger said. She nearly fell three times so the kitten was sent back to the woman in Atlanta who had given the cat to Braun; the older cat had to be euthanized. The couple had about five cats over the years, all Siamese and all named Koko and Yum Yum.

I also  brought with me a few I had started and laid down since I had been so busy these past two months with other obligations and summer... also taking "The Chocolate Cat Capers" by Joann Carl...

I'd like to read "The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle" next.. what fun these two cat books will be to read...I have not read any by this author so it will be interesting to see how they differ in writing styles. :))' I know that this series takes place where she summers in Michigan...

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

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