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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thrillers and What Role Do You Play ??????

"Only a good story has a character in the end different than it was in the beginning" I love this phrase that I borrowed froma blogging friend "Vickie" over at Victory Road Blog.... How true it is...I love reading a good book and won where the character's goals and personna actually changes in the the end tends to make it the best...

Think of a great thriller, wasn't your perception of the killer completely changed by the end of the book? Think of the greats...Stephen King... Mary Higgins Clark....Dean Koontz...James Patterson.. to name a few don't they write about the main character that turns out to be the killer in the end??? And did we guess it? Not always... One of my favorite thrillers was "Whispers" by Koontz....it is a real thriller that made me a bit afraid of the dark after I read it...and Mary Higgens Clark's "Loves Music Loves to Dance" another favorite of mine....that one really stumped me...and who cannot forget Stephen King's "Misery" Kathy Bates did a wonderful protrayal of the main insane character in that thriller...

Yes, thrillers are my thing, mainly I think, because of the "rush" I get from the heart pounding suspense and thoughts I have to put into the "who done it" guessing game. It's a complex mind that thinks up the novels of thrillers and sometimes I wonder if all of us who love them so much, just needs that type of fiction rush to make it through our daily lives.

I sit on the edge of my chair when I read my thrillers with anticipation and excitment itching to turn the pages or click I should say click the pages for most, but I can't seem to put the books down! I crave more and more and the more challenging the more I love it....hmmmm ... I wonder????? Does this put me on the same level with the killers or am I working with the detectives who solve the crimes????? Which one are you realtine to???? Scary thoughts aren't they???? Just food for thought.....................................

And of all the videos "Thriller" witht the late Michael Jackson was an all time favorite of mine!!! What role do you play in a good thriller? Care to share?????

take a thriller home and enjoy

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