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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday And What are You Reading?

Okay so I am not reading a lot of new novels now...I know I know...but I have been so on the go, [I hate the word busy] that I just plum ran out of time. But I am reading a little, does that count???

I went away for the weekend , last weekend I should say, and I started Rita Mae's "Rest in Peace" I just love her novels they are light and amusing and loads of interesting page turners. This one is about:
Mrs. Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat's meow.... Maybe she should think again. Small towns don't take kindly to strangers—unless the stranger happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous and seemingly unattached male. When Blair Bainbridge comes to Crozet, Virginia, the local matchmakers lose no time in declaring him perfect for their newly divorced postmistress, Marry Minor "Harry Haristeen." Even Harry's tiger cat, Ms. Murphy, and her Welsh Corgi, Tee Tucker, believe he smells A-okay. Could his one little imperfection be that he's a killer? Blair becomes the most likely suspect when the pieces of a dismembered corpse begin tuming up around Crozet. No one knows who the dead man is, but when a grisly clue makes a spectacular appearance in the middle of the fall festivities, more than an early winter snow begins chilling the blood of Crozet's very best people. That's when Ms. Murphy, her friend Tucker, and her human companion Harry begin to sort throughout the clues . . . only to find themselves a whisker away from becoming the killer's next victims.
Anyone else out there a fan of her?

I also started another in my library...."The Middle Ages" by Jennie Fields. Its a birdseye view into the single woman in her later 40s. I love this theme. Being a bit past that age and happily married I can still relate to the age changes it brings us. I am finding this book quite enjoyable.

Now onto some other stuff, DH and I went to Palm Springs over the weekend and it was really warm, but the best part was that he took me on a horse drawn carriage ride around town. That was really nice. :) And romantic in the evening hours...


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